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10 Things you should know about Senior Pets

Is your furry companion starting to age? Here are 10 things you should know about senior pets!

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My Cat and my Furniture

So, I just bought a brand-new couch… …and this is what she did to the last set of furniture I had (that was thankfully free). Here are some tips and tricks I’ve tried to minimize damage to the furniture without harming Peaches (the cat) in any way.

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Senior pets – How to spot discomfort and ways to help

At the ripe age of 7 cats and dogs are considered seniors. Many factors determine how well your pet ages and when they truly become a senior. Environment, nutrition and genetics will play the biggest part. Keep an eye out for any distress from your pet to help ease them into their sunset years. As […]

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Healthy Hamster Basics

Nutrition: Feeding seed mixes is not recommended as they do not provide adequate nutrition for Hamsters instead there are pellets provide complete and balanced nutrition. I personally feed my hamster, Alby, Oxbows healthy handfuls and only provide seeds as a treat occasionally. 

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What to Know About Kennel Cough

Several times a year we see an outbreak of “KENNEL COUGH” or INFECTIOUS TRACHEOBRONCHITIS at our clinic.  It is always concerning to owners but the good news is that most dogs get better within 7 days and are back to normal.

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Good staff, reasonable prices. I've brought two of my kitties here and have had nothing but positive experiences, even…

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