Aileen Holcroft

Animal Care Assistant
I love animals and always wanted to work with animals since I was three. I graduated in June 2016 from the Veterinary Medical Assistant program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta. With my program, most of the clinics in Edmonton only offered positions in reception and this clinic was the only one that would allow me to be in the back, working with the animals. I joined the Mission Ridge Animal Hospital team in June 2016. I am interested in all areas of the veterinary industry. My first pet was a BonBon (French Poodle), Snowball (Domestic Shorthair). What I love most about my job is that I work with animals. My favourite thing about the clinic is the hours are nice and the staff are friendly and helpful if you have any questions. About three years ago, I was working at a doggy daycare and got attacked by a dog. I had to get over 150 stitches in my face and four in my arm. Three weeks later, I went back to work and was in the back with the dogs. It gave me new respect for animals and enjoy working with animals so much more.
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