Hector’s Dental Adventure

Hi. I am Hector, a 3 year old Golden Retriever. A few weeks ago my mom who works at Mission Ridge Animal Hospital told me that I have pretty stinky breath and that I should have my teeth cleaned. She also said that I have some tartar and gingivitis, whatever that means!  Last week the […]

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Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis (FCGS) by Dr. Katherine Takacs

The first question you will likely have is, “what the heck is gingivostomatitis?!!!”  Gingivostomatitis is inflammation of the gums and the entire oral cavity.  It is recognized by severe redness and inflammation of the tissues in the mouth.  Ulcers are commonly found in the mouth, on the lips and the tongue. Signs that can be […]

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Meet Our Clinic Cat: Tibby

On those busy days in the veterinary clinic when every staff member is racing around the clinic trying to get everything done that seems to be needed instantly, we often glance longingly at the small furry creature curled up in her favorite spot in the sun, oblivious to the chaos rushing around her, and think, […]

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How to Brush your Pet’s Teeth by Quinn

Set expectations that getting used to brushing your pets teeth might take several sessions. For best results, choose “quiet times” only for handling your pet’s mouth and muzzle area. Practice lifting their lip to see their teeth, and reward your pet through the training process (treats, positive reinforcement – whatever works best for your pet!). […]

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Dental procedures at Mission Ridge by Quinn

Instruments/tools involved in your pets care: -Laryngoscope -Frequently tested endotracheal tubes -IV fluid pump (delivers a consistent amount of IV fluids to ensure adequate hydration in your pet) -Dental x-ray machine -Well-maintained anesthetic machines (delivers oxygen and anesthetic gas to your pet) -Doppler (allows us to constantly hear your pets heart sounds as well as […]

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So happy to have found Mission Ridge when we moved to St Albert 2 years ago. They are very kind…

Karilynn Erickson

I came in with my Bun last week on very short notice and I was accepted right away. Although…

Hannah Dewitt

When I first moved to St. Albert, I needed to find a vet for my animals. Luckily, I found…

Maureen H

This place defiantly is 5++++ Brought my best friend of 12 years in, knowing it would be the last time we…

Janet Fazio

Mission Ridge Animal Hospital in St. Albert is a great place - my boys have been going there now for…

Barbara Giblin