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Angry cat getting its teeth brushed

Dental procedures at Mission Ridge by Quinn

Instruments/tools involved in your pets care: -Laryngoscope -Frequently tested endotracheal tubes -IV fluid pump (delivers a consistent amount of IV fluids to ensure adequate hydration in your pet) -Dental x-ray machine -Well-maintained anesthetic machines (delivers oxygen and anesthetic gas to your pet) -Doppler (allows us to constantly hear your pets…

Hector the dog lying down

Hector’s Dental Adventure

Hi. I am Hector, a 3 year old Golden Retriever. A few weeks ago my mom who works at Mission Ridge Animal Hospital told me that I have pretty stinky breath and that I should have my teeth cleaned. She also said that I have some tartar and gingivitis, whatever…

Cat lying on an examination counter with a model of a vet

Thank You for a Great Dental Season! by Quinn

Dental Focus Season at Mission Ridge Animal Hospital was a huge success this year! We had our first annual ‘Dental Focus Night’ where we opened up the clinic to clients, shared coffee, tea and sweets (not so good for our teeth!) and discussed dental hygiene for our pets (great for their teeth!)….