Dog X-Ray

We offer general x-rays and dental x-rays for all the common health problems. Our staff are fully trained and our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure very little exposure to radiation occurs to our patients.

How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

We use x-rays to help diagnose many medical problems. These can include broken bones, arthritis, cancers, foreign body ingestion, pneumonia to name a few.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

There is often no preparation required before taking an x-ray on your dog. Taking an x-ray often just requires them to lie down in a certain position on our x-ray table. Some dogs are highly stressed and may require a sedative in order for them to sit still and allow a proper view to be taken. We commonly sedate dogs to take x-rays of the hips and knees because this requires them to be still for long periods. If a sedative is recommended, then we request that your dog is fasted for 8-12 hours prior to their appointment, as sedation medications can cause nausea.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

Every health issue and patient is different and requires a specific set of x-ray views to help diagnose the problems. An estimate will be provided prior to taking any x-rays to ensure our clients are aware of the costs.

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