Dental procedures at Mission Ridge by Quinn

Instruments/tools involved in your pets care:

-Frequently tested endotracheal tubes
-IV fluid pump (delivers a consistent amount of IV fluids to ensure adequate hydration in your pet)
-Dental x-ray machine
-Well-maintained anesthetic machines (delivers oxygen and anesthetic gas to your pet)
-Doppler (allows us to constantly hear your pets heart sounds as well as monitor blood pressure)
-Dental machines (scaler, polisher etc)
-Dental Block

-Blood work (before the day of the dental procedure) – this helps our doctors to see what is going on internally. Because we use medications that are metabolized in the kidneys and liver, we like to see if they are healthy. Our anesthetic protocol (pre-medications and intubation drugs) can also be adjusted according to what is found on the blood panel.


-Blood work (usually done a few days prior to the dental procedure)
-IV catheter placement
-IV fluids
-Administration of premedication (Usually sedation and pain control properties with premedication)
-Administration of induction agent
-Hook up ET tube to anesthetic machine
-Monitoring heart rate and blood pressure by attaching Doppler
-Lubricate eyes, trim nails, check ears for excess hair/debris etc.
-Chart teeth
-Begin cleaning/taking x-rays if needed
-Dental block if extractions are expected
-Dental extractions
-Polish teeth
-Fluoride treatment

One of our technicians will be your pets advocate throughout the entire procedure. We have detailed anesthetic logs to record your pets’ vital signs, dosages for medications, and to log trends in their anesthetic planes.