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Pocket Pets Services

Pocket pets, or exotics can be great companion pets that often need routine veterinary care just like dogs and cats. Although we mostly see dogs and cats at Mission Ridge, we are happy to help with your pocket pet if we can! Just as with dogs and cats, regular physical exams are important for your friend. They allow us to diagnose or catch illnesses early and provide the best care lengthening their life span!

What pocket pets do you service?

Our doctors are comfortable seeing Guinea Pigs, ferrets rabbits and hamsters. But for the more exotic or less common pets there are specialists (or veterinarians with a special interest in those species) that work with pocket pets on a daily basis that may be able to offer a wider knowledge base.

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    Justin Cooke

    Great staff. Very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions and concerns about your pet.

    David Mckay

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    Kaylynn Anthony

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