Tips for Flying with Your Dog

I recently was travelling on an airplane, across from me was an elderly couple and their small dog. I smiled to myself and thought, “those owners are so brave.”

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Summer Treats for Your Pet

Hot summer days spent lounging out in the yard are always made much more enjoyable when accompanied by an icy treat. It’s not only you who can enjoy these activities, your pet will also enjoy such treats on a hot summer day!

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Bringing Reptiles Outdoors for the Summer

Many of our reptile companions can appreciate some time outdoors during the summer months, but over-heating, parasites and predation, are all things to be aware of when giving your reptile some fresh air and sunshine.

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Protect Your Dog This Summer

Summer is all about fun in the sun, especially with our four-legged friends. However, with rising temperatures and more time spent outdoors, this could mean more trips to the veterinarian. Causes can include heat stroke, dehydration, ripped nails, fleas, ticks and burnt paws.

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Distemper, Parvovirus and the Importance of Vaccination

With a recent case of distemper virus at the Edmonton Humane Society and a case of parvovirus at our clinic one week ago, this is a good reminder of why we vaccinate our pets. Both viruses are very hardy and survive our Edmonton winters.

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Always have a amazing experience. Rachel is awesome and cares so much about animals. She always pays special attention to…

Jade Swereda

I am a first time cat owner so I have been worrying lots if everything is normal. I had so…

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My family usually goes to the Vet in Morinville. Our dog was coughing pretty bad and they couldn't see…

Justin Cooke

We were favourably impressed with our first contact appointment in our new town for our geriatric cat who seems to…

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