How to Brush your Pet’s Teeth by Quinn

  1. Set expectations that getting used to brushing your pets teeth might take several sessions. For best results, choose “quiet times” only for handling your pet’s mouth and muzzle area. Practice lifting their lip to see their teeth, and reward your pet through the training process (treats, positive reinforcement – whatever works best for your pet!). Remember to keep it positive and be patient.
  2. Next, introduce a pet friendly toothpaste. You can start by wrapping your index finder in gauze or use a finger toothbrush.  Once your pet is comfortable,  introduce a small amount of toothpaste with a finger. Start with the canine teeth (fangs) and gradually work around the entire mouth. Be sure to include the gums!
  3. Toothbrush time!! Use a toothbrush provided or recommended by your veterinarian. We like childrens soft-bristled brushes. Wet the bristles and place a line of toothpaste on the brush pressing it firmly into the bristles with your finger. Hold the toothbrush like a pen and concentrate solely on the canine teeth using a gentle circular motion.
  4. Now start to work along the top teeth from the canines to the back of the mouth, using a gentle circular motion. You can gradually build up the amount of time and pressure applied to each tooth. Start of soft and slow. It is in your pets best interest to brush the teeth daily, however if you are unable to do so there are other options. February and March are ‘Dental Month’ at Mission Ridge! Give us a call and we would love to discuss dental care with you!