Photo ID Project

Here at Mission Ridge, we see hundreds of pets a year, and some more often than others. While we do our best, it is sometimes hard to remember our experiences with our patients. Thorough notes can help jog our memories, but nothing quite works as well as a picture! For the past few months, we have been doing our best to take photos of the patients that come into the clinic, and attach it to their file. Maybe one day we will have a photo of EVERY patient that we see! A lofty goal? You can help! If your pet has not had his/her photo taken here, or you are unsure (sometimes we take their pictures when they are in the back for treatments or stay with us for procedures) then feel free to send us one!

Our only requirements are:

  1. Each photo contains only 1 pet: group photos are fun, but we attach the picture to your pet’s individual file, so we want to be able to distinguish them from the others. If you have multiple pets, please send multiple individual pictures
  2. Each photo shows your pet’s face: we want to be able to recognize your pet, so while a far-off photo of your dog on the horizon with a sunset in the background is beautiful and artistic, it doesn’t really help us!
  3. Correct information: please include your pet’s name, and your name and phone number that would be on your file so that we are able to locate the file to attach it to.

Another benefit of having photos on our files is when pets go missing. Sometimes we have people bring in found pets to scan for microchips, or call us because the pet has a tag connected to us. It is extremely helpful to have a photo on file to confirm that we have the right pet!

If you are interested in sending us a photo, please send to and indicate that the pictures are for your pet’s file. And thanks in advance!

Written by: Michelle Stotko, RVT