Products and Techniques That Help Maintain Your Pet’s Dental Health

As you may know brushing your pet’s teeth can help prevent periodontal disease (dental disease). What you may not be aware of is that there are many products available to be purchased that can help.

There are many different styles of pet toothbrushes you can purchase. However, a soft bristled toothbrush designed for children can be used for dogs and cats. There are finger toothbrushes available that slip on over your finger instead. All are good options. There are many brands and flavours of pet toothpaste that can help create a positive experience.

Here at Mission Ridge, we carry four flavours of toothpaste, seafood, malt, vanilla mint and poultry; usually we can find something your pet likes! Please be advised to avoid using human toothpaste as it has fluoride which can be toxic to your pets. If you are unsure what the best way to brush your pet’s teeth don’t feel shy to book an appointment with one of our technicians to show you our tips and tricks!

There are a lot of foods and chews that claim to help reduce plaque, bacteria rich film that covers teeth and can lead to inflamed gums and tartar, the hard calcium that builds up on teeth. Not all foods and chews are created equal. One easy way to ensure your pet is receiving some sort of benefit instead of just empty calories is to look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal. The VOHC seal ensures that at the product results in 10% reduction minimum of plaque in 7 days and/or 10% reduction of tartar in 21 days. These products may be less effective if there is dental disease already present. There are also water additives available that help to prevent the accumulation of plaque.  We carry “Healthymouth” water additive for both cats and dogs that has the VOHC seal.  “Healthymouth” has a wide variety of products available for dogs, cats and horses!

Don’t get discouraged when it comes to your pets dental health, we can offer lots of tips, tricks, and products to help you! Keep in mind that prevention is much easier (and less expensive) than treatment!

Here is the link to all the products accepted by the VOHC:

Written by Leah Sandberg RVT