St. Albert Pet Weight Management Program!

July and August are a time to celebrate at Mission Ridge Animal Hospital! In these summer months we turn our focus to pet nutrition and we would love to share our knowledge with you! We have lots of exciting plans in the works so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and website for more information.

Similar to human statistics, nearly one third of our beloved pets are obese. Obese pets are prone to serious diseases such as cardiac disease, joint problems and diabetes and lucky for us, there are things that we as pet owners can do to help these odds! We can work with you and your pet to design and prescribe a weight loss program specifically for your pet.

Is Nutrition Focus Month designed only to help pets with a few extra pounds? Not at all! We would love to discuss your pet’s nutrition with you to ensure that it is balanced and perfect for your pets lifestyle. At our St.Albert veterinary clinic, we advocate for your pets with their best interest at heart. We are by no means trying to ‘push’ or sell our products but if we feel that your pet could benefit from a veterinary diet we will explain why.

Give Mission Ridge Animal Hospital a call to book a complimentary nutrition consultation with one of our team members!