Stanley’s Story

“Stanley” came to us at Mission Ridge Animal Hospital this winter during a cold spell. He was not in great shape with frostbitten ears and facing some malnutrition. Despite his obvious health issues, “Stanley” had the sweetest disposition and we were eager to get him back to normal. MRAH kept him for a while so he could undergo the necessary rehabilitation and treatment before prepping him to find a forever home. He spent his days in the kennels and his nights and weekends rotating in the homes of clinic staff where it was noted how much he enjoys watching hockey. This is how the name Stanley came about!

During our time rehabilitating Stanley, we were also treating a little dog named; Lexi. Lexi and Stanley spent time together in the kennels, with Lexi’s devoted owner Lynette by their side. Lexi was ill and needing IV Fluid Therapy and Medical treatment, Lynette was present every step of the way; holding her puppy in her lap. With regular visits from Stanley it wasn’t long before she too absorbed his sweetness. Sadly Lexi did not make it. After saying Goodbye to her beloved dog, Lynette decided she would adopt Stanley and give him the forever home he deserves.

Stanley & Lynette have since left the Mission Ridge community and now reside in Toronto. We have been lucky enough to keep in touch with them; just recently Lynette sending us a great video of Stanley turning on and off a light which we are excited to share with you!

Click here to view the video on our Facebook page

We love these types of stories from clients so if you or anyone you know has a great animal rescue story, a funny photo, or a cute video – be sure to pass it along to us here at MRAH!

All the best to Lynette, Stanely & their family in Toronto!