Tips for Travelling With Your Pet by Debra Briton, RAHT

Well the summer months are now upon us.  This time of year many of us will travel with our pets.  Whether it’s a short ride to a local lake or a lengthy road trip it is important to follow some safety guidelines for keeping our pets safe. Travelling can be stressful for both you and your pet. By planning ahead and preparing for the adventure you can have a safe and comfortable trip for everyone.

 Tips for Travelling With Your Pet 

  1. If your pet doesn’t normally go on a lot of car rides start taking your pet for short trips.  A short drive to the park or even grocery store can help get your pet prepared for your trip.
  2. Keep your pet secure by using a crate, carrier or a secure seat harness.  The crate/carrier should be well ventilated and secured down in the vehicle.  You can purchase a harness/seat belt that will keep your pet restrained in his seat.
  3. It is never safe to leave your pet alone in a vehicle.  On cold days the temperature can drop to below freezing very quickly.  On hot days, even if you have the windows rolled down, the temperature can rise to a point that your pet is in danger.  Heatstroke can develop very quickly.
  4. Pack a travel kit for your pet.  You can include any paperwork you may need for your travels, vaccine records, health certificates, etc.  Food, treats, bowls, leashes, medication, even a first aid kit should also be packed.
  5. Pack a few extra water bottles.  When you stop for fill ups and snacks there may not be fresh water available for your pet. Always carry extra just in case.
  6. Ensure that your pet has adequate identification.  A tag on their collar with your cell # and your address and a alternate phone number.  Having your pet micro chipped is a permanent form of identification in case the collar or tag goes missing.
  7. To keep your pets safe don’t allow them to ride with their head out of the window or sun roof.  They could easily be hit by flying objects or rocks.

The more preparation you do the smoother your trip will be.  Hopefully these tips will help you prepare and you can enjoy a great adventure with your lovable companion.