Vet-Etiquete: Advice for Your Visit to the Vet

So a cat and a dog walk into a vet’s office… How can we make the waiting room in a veterinarian’s office safer, less stressful and enjoyable? Please consider these few suggestions.The waiting room is a place where dogs need space from each other, and it is always advisable to ask permission before your dog approaches another.  There may be sick animals in the room that may be irritable, weak or contagious, not to mentioned stressed and afraid.

Every dog should be leashed for their own protection, and for those other dogs and owners who are trying to keep their own dog calm and less stressed, a short leash can be safer. Retractable leashes should be kept short and locked. Pet owners and the clinic staff try to keep everyone content and safe. Tangled leashes around your feet are no fun!

If your dog is aggressive with other dogs please inform clinic staff at the time of booking your appointment. Many accommodations can be made for your dog to have a safe visit. We can ensure that we have an available exam room waiting for your arrival, we can also supply you with a muzzle if needed. You can phone us when you arrive in our parking lot and we can ensure the waiting room is empty before you bring your dog in. We want your appointment to be as stress-free as possible for you and your dog.

Many dogs love to bark from excitement or anxiousness as soon as they enter the clinic. If your dog does this uncontrollably and you are concerned about it please feel free to let the receptionist know. Once you check in for your appointment you are welcome to wait outside. (We have benches outside) or walk your dog around out front. We can call your cell phone and let you know when the veterinarian is ready to see your dog.

Accidents happen. Don’t be surprised or shocked if your pet decides to poop or pee in the clinic. We see this often and are okay dealing with it. Please let us know as soon as you can and we will be happy to help you.  Feel free to take your pet for a brief walk before your appointment.

Cats are much safer in carriers.  Many cats don’t enjoy car rides and get very stressed if they don’t normally leave the safe environment of their home. Inexpensive carriers can be purchased at a local department store or pet store.  As soon as you arrive for your appointment we will escort you and your cat to our cat-friendly waiting area or directly into our cat only exam room. In this exam room, you will find an appealing cat pheromone diffuser, cat treats, shelves for your cat to jump on and of course a little cat nip if desired.

It’s not unusual for a pet’s attitudes and behaviour to change very quickly at the veterinarian. Calm, peaceful pets that are fine at home can react quite strongly to smells, sights, sounds and animals that are there when you arrive. This is a normal reaction and we are prepared to do whatever we can to make their experience (and yours)  as stress-free as possible.

Written by Julie Sandberg CSR