What makes our Cat Room a “Cat Room”?

Some of you have had the privilege of bringing your cat to Mission Ridge for an exam and have experienced our cat room! Here is a short blurb to highlight the aspects of the room that make it unique for cats:

  1. We have a Feliway diffuser plugged into the wall that emits calming pheromones to help cats cope with stressful situations and the new environment.
  2. We have towels underneath the sink that have been treated with Feliway spray to add to this calming effect, as well as to provide a snuggly surface for the exam table.
  3. Cats love to be in high places! We have shelves on the wall for the more adventurous and agile, where they can perch and be content as they wait to be examined.
  4. A variety of yummy treats are available to help associate the experience with good things! Maybe there is a treat there that the picky cat would actually like!
  5. We grow cat grass for our four legged friends that enjoy a lite snack once and a while.
  6. Cat nip is also available, so help yourself! You can sprinkle some on the exam table or floor and watch the magic happen.

Our goal is to provide a friendly and stress free visit for our feline friends. If you have noticed a positive difference in your cat’s experience in this room, feel free to request the room when booking the next visit! We will do our best to accommodate you.

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