Winterize Your Play Time!

Winter means it is dark and cold before you are even home from work but that shouldn’t mean you can’t still have play time with your pooch!

If your dog is a fan of the snow a glow in the dark ball is great for them to chase after. Using a good glow in the dark ball will help both you and your dog find the ball within the snow. Or use a Frisbee so it stays on top of the snow where you can both see it.

One of my dog’s favourite games is chasing snowballs! She will run and dive into the snow for them over and over again. With this game, there’s no concern for losing a ball in the snow.

One of my favourite games to play, because I get to stay nice and warm, is having them chase the laser in the snow, while I stand in the kitchen shining the laser out the window onto the backyard.

Now if your pooch is not a fan of the snow you can also play laser in the house, have them run up and down the stairs, around tables, in circles, down the hall. Just be courteous to any downstairs neighbours you have.

If you have a food motivated pup you can even throw their kibbles down the hallway to have them run after them.

Teaching your furry friend a new trick is another great indoor activity, just be careful with your reward system as you don’t want to load them up on treats. Some of their food, fruits or veggies can make great treats without a ton of calories.

Sometimes though it is just too cold to venture outside for playtimes so make sure to check the weather before you head out and dress your pet accordingly!

Written by Leah Sandberg, RVT