5 Tips for Walking Your Dog in Winter

Well, the snow and chilly temperatures have arrived here in Alberta. I enjoy taking my dog Layla for a walk in the winter and she loves to adventure in the snow. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while out walking in the winter months.

  • Keep walks short. When it’s really cold out, take a shorter walk. Observe your dog’s body language. If they are picking up their feet, whining and/or shivering, then it’s time to go home. As well, when it’s really cold or there is a heavy snow cover, stick to the sidewalk or areas that have been plowed or are free of heavy snow. This way you can see where you are walking. You always want to be safe.
  • Wear a sweater or jacket. Some dogs may have a furry coat to keep them warm, others may not. An extra layer like a sweater or jacket will give your furry friend some warmth as well as protect them from getting wet. Not only does your pet stay warm, but they also look cute in a sweater. Totally camera ready!
  • Wear boots. Having your dog wear boots will protect their paws from snow and ice as well as salt and other chemicals.
  • Wipe paws. After your walk make sure you wipe your dog’s paws. You can use a damp warm cloth to wipe away salt, chemicals, and dirt.
  • Walk during the day. If your schedule allows, plan your walk in the daytime hours. Most likely it will be warmer and you will be more visible to other people and vehicles.

I hope that with these few tips you and your dog can enjoy the crisp and hopefully sunny winter.

Happy walking!

Written by: Madison Vandenberg, ACA