Aerial view of a puppy scratching its leg

Tips to Help your Dog Stay Itch Free

Written by Michelle Gjesdal Allergies can be very frustrating for both pets and owners.  It is usually a life long problem to manage and it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing the itch.  Often, it is more than just one thing that is triggering the allergic reaction. In dermatology the newest concept is […]

Purina logo

Quinn’s Purina St. Louis Trip

Written by Quinn Obleman At the beginning of April, I had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis, Missouri to attend a tour and conference at the Purina Nestle Headquarters. Leading up to the trip I felt nervous. I was travelling alone to a strange city in a different country, but mostly because going through airport […]

Salo the German Shepherd sitting in a yard

Our Experience with Bloat aka Gastric Dilation and Volvulus by Brenda Krol

I had a German Shepherd dog named Salo, he was such a wonderful boy.  He was a very large tan and black shepherd with a beautiful black saddle on his back and about 110lbs.  He had an issue with allergies when he ate chicken but other than that he was healthy, never any other issues. […]

Puppies and kittens in a line

Puppy & Kitten Vaccines by Dr. Jessica Wilson

Puppies and kittens initially get immunity (protection against disease) from their mother but by 8 weeks of age this protection is starting to decrease and puppies become prone to getting sick as their own immune system matures. This is the time to start vaccines. Vaccinating your puppy or kitten is very important as there are […]