Blog: New Pet Owners


Two Common Unwanted Kitten Behaviours

Play Biting in Kittens:  A common complaint at new kitten exams, is “ my kitten is biting my hands/feet.” Kittens learn how to inhibit their bite from their mother, and from playing with littermates.

Cute little kitten

Tips for Helping Your Kitten Grow Up

Getting a new kitten is always so exciting from all the fun toys to the cute little sounds they make, but of course, they don’t stay that little and rambunctious forever.

new puppy

New Puppy Advice

We have been seeing a lot of new puppies coming through our doors recently which is a sure sign its spring! Getting a new puppy can be very exciting for your family, but there are many things to be aware of in the first few months of having your puppy…

Tips to House Train Your Puppy

Tips to House-Train Your Puppy

House-training can be a difficult and frustrating task. I have learned that the hard way with my puppy, a 9-week-old Saint Bernard.