Boarding Your Dog for The First Time

So you and your family have decided to go on vacation, and the first thing that crosses your mind is “What are we going to do with the dog?.” Usually, my dog stays with my family as they have two dogs of their own. But the problem is, sometimes you go on vacation with your trusted dog sitting family members. Then you are left with the feeling of “well now what do we do?”

A good option is leaving your dog at a kennel or boarding facility. Here are a few helpful tips for boarding your dog for the first time.

Do your research: There are so many boarding facilities around. You definitely want to have peace of mind when you leave your furry friend while you go on vacation, so pick one that you feel suits you and your dog’s needs. Many kennels allow you to come with your dog and tour the facility and even give you the option of leaving them there for a few hours so they are comfortable when they do come stay. This is comforting for both pet and owner. As well many boarding facilities have a Veterinarian working with them, so you never have to worry. Your dog is in good hands.

Pack your dog’s favourite things: You want to pack a few things from home for your dog so they feel comfortable. Their favourite blanket, toys, and even a t-shirt of yours will make the experience more enjoyable.

Your dog’s own food and treats: It is helpful when you bring your dog’s own food and treats with them. As well as if they have any special medications.  Leave instructions as to how much food and how often you feed them. Especially if they have an upset stomach, avoid changing your dog’s food or giving them a new treat just before you leave. This will be easier for both your dog and those that are looking after your pet.

Leave your updated contact information: Such as your phone number, email address, in case they need to reach you if they have questions about your pet, or if there is an emergency.
As well as making sure your dog’s identification tag is updated with your current information.

Many facilities enjoy taking photos of your pet, calling or emailing updates. This way you can see your pet, and know that they are safe.

With a bit of planning and these helpful tips. You can be confident that your dog will enjoy their time on vacation, and so will you. Happy travels!

Written by Madison Vandenberg ACA