How Much Do Pets Cost?

Sometimes when it comes to our animals we often think with our hearts and not our heads, which is very easy to do when it comes to pet ownership.  Anyone who has ever loved an animal has certainly been faced with the question of should I or shouldn’t I adopt that special creature right in front of me, almost begging me to take them home….

The problem with thinking that way is that there can be quite the “Sticker Shock” once the animal is home.  Not only in the pocket book but in the tremendous amount of time a pet will demand of you.  There is no such thing as a free pet!

If you are just coming home with that new kitten or puppy there are some major expenses that can appear long before the new addition has reached 6 months of age.  Your new pet if it is a kitten or dog will need a leash, collar, dish, bed, monthly food, treats and its first trip to the vet.  That will include a health exam and the first of 3 sets of vaccines at 8, 12 and 16 weeks, plus de-wormer.  Microchipping or a tattoo for ID purposes needs to be considered as well as licensing when needed.   Your Vet will recommend the vaccines to keep your animal safe and healthy as it is introduced to the wilds of your home, outdoors, and other animals. Even indoor pets need to be vaccinated and regularly seen by their vet.

Spaying and neutering your pet is another expense that an owner needs to take into consideration, unless the animal comes from a rescue or humane society it may already have had the surgery.  This is done to keep your pet healthy and the world without more babies who have no homes. Despite small babies being adorable, there is a lot of expense and knowledge needed to breed an animal. Though people want their fur friends to breed, it should not be undertaken without great consideration for the pet, the expense of healthcare for the Mom, the babies and the quality of life being brought into this world.

Sometimes the pet will stretch your pocketbook by getting into the most unbelievable things….garbage, medicines, unhealthy food, ribbon, stones, twigs, socks, fighting other dogs and cats etc. And the list goes on and on.  Those surprise visits to the Vet can add up even for the most experienced pet owner!

If one gets an older animals the vaccines may already be started, and will need to be continued yearly with a health exam, and regular deworming.  Older pets may come with health issues. Significantly higher Vet bills can occur when ongoing health issues arise.

Depending on the type of pet there may be grooming expenses, ear cleaning fees, skin issues, perhaps dog training, treats , crates  fences, shampoo and random other things that soon become a necessity to keep the pet healthy, and happy!

The very breed of cat or dog, exotic or bird can determine whether your expenses will start high or low. Thousands of animals are euthanized each year because owners no longer want their pet or can afford them. Owning an animal is a lifetime investment and it lies within our own responsibility to do the research of the breed characteristics, medical history needs, and exercise requirement let alone the financial costs that could be incurred

All of a sudden the head is wondering what the heart has done. The pocketbook is in shock. We really need to think before we jump into pet ownership. It is important that we are realistic when we see that ball of fur or a face that is ready to lick ours.  We need to have a pet for all the right reasons, not for feeling sorry for them. After all, you will be spending their lifetime together…

Cradle to grave is the only commitment a pet deserves. Make your choice for pet ownership using both heart and head and your new fur, feathered or exotic member to the family will bring you years of love, laughter and companionship.