How to Take Great Pictures of Your Pet: Tips & Tricks

Have you ever seen a great pet picture on Instagram or Facebook and wished you could take the same amazing picture of your pet?  Taking pictures of pets can be a challenge. That cute pose or situation you find your pet in is usually short lasting, the minute you reach for your phone or camera it’s gone.  We have all experienced the same frustration.  Well here are some tips that may be helpful in capturing that picture that is “frame worthy”.

  1. Try taking your pictures in natural lighting. Outside or in a bright room with lots of natural light. Avoid using a flash. Sometimes a flash can deflect off of their eyes and give them the “crazy” pet look.
  2. Use a fast shutter speed and burst mode if you camera has one.
  3. Enlist a helper.  While you are taking pictures have someone stand behind or beside you with a treat or squeaky toy. Wave a treat, call their name, whistle or use their favorite toy to get their interest.  Anything that will get your pet’s attention.
  4. Try taking pictures in a place your pet is happy and comfortable. A dog park with distractions may not be the best place.  Try a quiet location, your own backyard, or your home when things are calm and quiet.
  5. If your dog has lots of energy take him for a long walk before your photo shoot. He may be calmer and more relaxed.
  6. Always have your camera ready and close by. You never know when that moment you want to capture may arise.
  7. Don’t be afraid to get too close.  You wouldn’t want your pet to get lost in the background.  Capturing your pet’s personality in a close up may be just the shot you are looking for.
  8. Take as many pictures as you can and don’t be afraid to take too many.  That’s the beauty of digital photographs. You can just delete the ones that didn’t turn out.
  9. Personalize your photograph by adding accessories. If your cat looks great in blue get a nice new collar for him to wear.  If your dog looks great in pink how about a new bandana?  Accessories can help capture those special personality traits that you love so much.
  10. Don’t be afraid to take pictures from different angles.  Be creative and try all sorts of angles and positions.

Hopefully these tips will help you take the picture of your pet you were looking for.  Taking pet pictures can be a challenge but patience and persistence can help you achieve great results.   Whether your favorite picture of your pet is of them alone or with a friend or family member it will always be something to treasure.  A wonderful way to remember how much joy and love they bring to our lives.