What Makes Our Cat Room Truly a “Cat Room”

We have taken the optimum steps to become a Cat-Friendly Practice and are certified by The American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Cat Room 2


  • NO DOGS ALLOWED – we like to keep this room as dog free as possible.
  • The Feliway diffuser plugged into the wall emits calming pheromones to help cats cope with stressful situations and new environments.
  • We have Feliway treated towels that help calm and provides a snuggly surface for the exam table.
  • Cats love to be in high places! We provide shelves for the more adventurous and agile cats wanting to play while waiting for their examinations.Cat Room 3
  • Yummy treats are available to help ease stress. We have freshly grown cat grass, an assortment of treats to sample and catnip of course.

Written by Debra Briton, RVT