Paws in the Classroom

Well it’s a wrap. We are happy to say that we had another successful year with our Paws in the Classroom Program. During the 2016-2017 school year we had the pleasure of visiting 16 classrooms in the St Albert area. At Mission Ridge Animal Hospital we strongly believe in being a part of the community and giving back. Our voluntary program allows us to educate children about responsible pet ownership. Many of us know firsthand how much enjoyment and love pets can bring to our lives and we enjoy sharing our experiences.

Our presentations consist of talking about the wellness care that pets require. Brushing their teeth, having them vaccinated and dewormed. We also address how important healthy eating is for ourselves and our pets. We have a box of fun “things in jars” including bladder stones, porcupine quills and a variety of teeth we can show the children. We also have x-rays we can show that include a variety of subjects. Including a picture of a dog that ate a bag of screws!

The children love playing dress up with the surgery gowns ad gloves we bring. It’s so much fun to see them interact with each other and be hands on.

We hope teachers and students have a wonderful summer break. As of September we will be booking presentations for the next school year. We look forward to meeting more of the wonderful students and teachers in the St Albert area.

By Debra Briton RVT