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Surgery Service

What surgery services do you offer for cats? We offer a wide variety of surgeries for cats. Spays, neuters, cystotomies, foreign body surgery, lump removals, orthopedic surgeries and dental surgeries, along with others. Please call our clinic regarding any further details or fees.


Cats can become infected with parasites in a variety of ways from hunting mice and birds to eating grass and bugs. Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, deworming to rid them of these parasites may be an important regular treatment.


Senior Care

Cats are a very popular pet, and are considered family members by many owners. Unfortunately, many senior cats do not receive appropriate preventative health care. Our goal at the Mission Ridge Animal Hospital is to deliver consistent high quality care to senior cats. We promote longevity and strive to improve…


Flea and Tick Control

If your cat goes outdoors, they are susceptible to getting fleas and ticks. Although they are not as prevalent if your cat stays close to your house, if you live in a rural area with lots of trees and wildlife, your cat could possibly be more susceptible to getting fleas…