Surgery Service

What surgery services do you offer for dogs?

We offer a wide variety of surgeries for dogs. Spays, neuters, cystotomies, foreign body surgery, lump removals, orthopedic surgeries and dental surgeries, along with others. Please call our clinic regarding any further details or fees.

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Do you specialize in any surgeries?

We have veterinarians who have an interest in orthopedic surgeries such as TPLO (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy), ACL anterior cruciate ligament repairs, luxating patella repairs and other orthopedic procedures. We also have a doctor with a special interest in dentistry.

What is a TPLO?

ACL (anterior cruciate rupture) of the knee joint is a common injury in dogs. For dogs over 50 lbs., the recommended surgery is the TPLO (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy). This surgery levels the slope of the shin bone, thereby eliminating the need for the anterior cruciate ligament. Before surgery, x-rays are taken of the knee to measure the angle of the top of the shin bone (the tibial plateau angle). The goal is to reduce this angle so that the forward motion of the shin bone is prevented. At surgery, the knee joint is explored to examine the meniscus and remove any torn pieces. Then, a cut is made in the shin bone with a bone saw, the cut piece of bone is then rotated to create the desired tibial plateau angle. Then a bone plate is placed with screws to hold the shin bone in this rotated position.

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