Spring Safety Tips For Your Pet


The snow is starting to melt, and temperatures are getting warmer. Spring is just around the corner. Here are five helpful tips that can help you and your pet to stay safe this spring.

  1. Window Screens: As the weather warms up, we all like to open are windows in our homes and smell the nice fresh air. However, cat’s can be especially curious to a window being left open. We want to keep in mind that they could jump or fall from an open window. Having our windows properly screened in can prevent this from happening.
  1. Spring Cleaning: Many of us like to begin the new season with a nice clean, fresh start. We want to be mindful of the cleaning products that we use with our pets. Many of these products have strong chemicals and can be dangerous to our pets health. We want to use these products safely, follow the directions on the label and store them in the proper place.
  1. Home Improvements: As the weather warms up, many of us like to give our homes or yard a nice makeover for the spring and summer. From giving your fence a nice coat of paint or installing new floors in your living room. With this in mind paint, nails, staples, and large tools can be harmful to your pet. We want to keep are pets away from these. You can even have a designated pet-friendly room, for your pet to be safe while you renovate your home or yard.
  1. Proper Identification: As spring approaches we all enjoy spending quality time with our animals outside. It is important for our pets to have the proper identification and microchip. If they ever were to get lost, they can easily be found. It is important to have their tags updated with proper identification, such as your pet’s name, home address, phone number and any other important information.
  1. Car Rides: Many dogs enjoy a nice car ride. With that in mind, it’s not recommended for dogs to travel in the back of a truck, or on the seat of a car. Flying debris, sudden turns or stops can cause injury. Pets should be secured in a crate or wearing a seatbelt that is specifically designed for them. This can ensure that you and your pet, can get to your final destination safely and happily.

We all enjoy spending quality time outside with our pets as the days get warmer. May you and your furry friends be safe and enjoy the sunny spring days ahead!

Written by Madison Vandengerg, ACA