Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer

Summertime can be an exciting time for your pets! Afternoons romping outside in the grass, chasing bugs, and checking out all the smells can make for lots of fun times. But with all the long days spent in the sun you may find yourself worrying about your pet overheating. Unlike us dogs and cats can’t simply shed the layers, so here are a couple tips for keeping them cool!

Provide an Icy Treat!

This can be done a few different ways. Adding ice cubes (try all different sizes depending on the size of your pet and their preference) to water dishes can be a simple way to provide not only cool water but also entertainment. Make pupsicles! With some water mix beef or chicken broth (or tuna juice!) and freeze it. Add your pets favorite treat into it to make it extra enticing!

Provide a cool area

If your dog is out in the backyard a lot make sure there is some area where he can get some respite from the sun! As with outside your pet should have some place indoors where they can escape the heat.

Provide cool activities!

For dogs who enjoy swimming and playing in the water this is an excellent way to beat the heat. Something you can do at home for such dogs is provide a kiddie pool or sprinkler. You can even purchase specific hose attachment toys for your water loving pooch!

Give your pet a summer haircut.

Grooming and clipping your pets coat removes lots of excess hair which in turn will help your pet keep cooler!

Provide cooling devices!

Such things as cooling bandanas or cooling mats can be used for pets who have a particularly hard time in the heat.

By Stephanie Withers RVT