Why I Became a Technician

Throughout school and my first year of being a technician, I have had many people ask me why I became a technician and why I didn’t become a Veterinarian. This is an incredibly common question along with, what is a Veterinary Technician?

Let me start by explaining what Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) is. An RVT is the right hand to the veterinarian, we have gone through school and have passed a national exam to get here. The things we cannot do, only a vet can do, is diagnose/ give a prognosis, prescribe, and perform surgery. RVT’s are the ones that take your pets x-rays, clean their teeth, monitor them under anesthesia, collect various samples, look at various samples under the microscope, fill prescriptions, assist in surgery, trim their nails, keep them comfortable during their stay, and provide them with the best care possible.

I chose to be a technician because:

  • I wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals
  • I love science and love being able to learn something new every day
  • I wanted a job where every day was different
  • I wanted to be an advocate for animal welfare and health
  • I did not want as much heavy responsibility that comes with being a Veterinarian
  • I wanted to work in a profession where we all have the same goal: to provide the best care for our patients
  • I find things that people think are gross, cool!
  • I can now work with large, small and exotic animals (even lions!)
  • I have the opportunity to specialize and learn more, about certain aspects of my job
  • New products, techniques and technology are always coming out making my job ever evolving
  • I LOVE animals
  • I wanted to love my job

Written by Leah Sandberg, RVT